Residential Siding Repairs And Sales In Ottawa Ontario 613-255-2323

Most of the homes in Ottawa have siding installed on both neighboring side walls and the back of the house. Some older homes are completely finished with aluminum, vinyl or metal siding all around.

Metal and aluminum siding has been discontinued in most cases but there are still a lot of houses with that older look. It may be hard to repair in some cases but it is affordable and maintenance free for a long period of time if installed right from day one. When compared to brick, stone or stucco there is a big difference in price in price for sure. A box of siding can go anywhere from 180$ and it can cover  200 sqf per box. Pricing for labor will depend on the difficulty of the job. If there is removal involved than you should expect to pay more.

If an older home is covered with concrete walls and trying to install new siding, get ready to drill hundreds of holes to install your strapping. It will take some time to prep all the walls but at least hard part will be over. As soon as all the j-trims are in place you can install the siding pretty quickly.

If siding is installed directly onto a plywood wall or on a firewall made out of drywall, it is likely that wind will cause damage eventually. Purpose of strapping is that siding nails are driven right into the 1×2’s or 1×3’s. It will be impossible to remove a siding nail that is driven directly into a solid wood when compared to drywall or osb/plywood.

We offer vinyl siding sales, installations and repairs in Ottawa, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville, Manotick, Greely Gloucester, Carp, Cumberland, Rockcliffe, Rockland and Orleans Ontario. Free siding quotes and estimates in Ottawa and region.

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